Great New Lineup of Speakers

Speaker Lineup

This year's theme is challenging men to live lives of adventure, not just living life through a virtual world, like games, tv, ESPN and porn. The challenge is to get men to pursue life to the fullest, engaged in the real world around them.

What is 'Escape the Matrix' about?

The Manly Man IV Conference Video - Aug 3 & 4, 2012 from Mark Gungor on Vimeo.

What beats hanging out with 1,000 men for a weekend? Roasting our own pigs.

Pig Roast

This summer, The Manly Man Conference returns to Green Bay with an all new event, Manly Man IV. MMIV is a weekend for men, by men. From the food to the speakers and the music, everything is planned with YOU in mind.

This year we're going hog wild with the pig roast. We've purchased a few pigs to raise at a farm in Wisconsin and are forming plans to roast them ourselves. Why? Because we're men!

Rockin' the House Manly Music to Jam To

The Blues... it's all about the soul of a man. Who better to play the blues than a man who lost it all, only to regain it again? Welcome Jimmie Bratcher - Preaching the Gospel & Playing the Blues.

Celebrate Being a Man! No singing. No crying. No holding of hands.

Take some time to explore the website to learn more about each part of this weekend. Space is limited and the event is expected to sell out, so take advantage of early bird pricing and get registered today! Bring a friend, bring your sons, but make sure you join us in celebrating MEN!

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